By integrating a 13. 3 inch touch screen and the first electric mobility module in one wall, your training experience will be taken to the next level and your studio will be digitized. The GYM-e-Wall is open to any software on the market.

The GYM-e-Wall is ideal for the holistic health area in your studio.

In addition, the GYM-e-Wall can be individually adapted to any room. It can also be left free on request. Since no wall mounting is necessary, it can also be used as a room divider.

With the seven mobility modules and the fascia station, only approx. 3m² are used, which makes the GYM-e-Wall suitable for physiotherapy practices, therapy rooms as well as small studios, personal training sessions and yoga or pilates studios.

A quick and effective training is possible by displaying the exercises on the screen. The optimal training and break times are displayed by light and vibration signals, making the training comfortable and safe.

The movable e-Wall is designed in such a way that all exercises can be performed with or without shoes.

Save time and staff by saving personal settings and training successes.

The e-Wall takes over the stored data and adjusts the individual modules to the appropriate dimensions.

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