fle-xx by GYMwood – multifunctional sports equipment made of wood


Berthold Mayer has been running a carpentry shop in Bad Säckingen on the Swiss border since 1993. His passion and love for wood as well as his expertise is known far beyond the borders of Bad Säckingen. Since 2012, the master carpenter and his team of 15 people have been producing the equipment for the “fle-xx backbone concept”. In 2020, Berthold Mayer took over the entire direct sales, production, service and assembly of fle-xx devices and integrated this into his company GYMwood.

As there is often a lack of space for stretching and mobility exercises in gyms and physiotherapy practices despite the demand for stretching and mobility exercises, the master carpenter came up with the idea to depict the exercises made possible by the fle-xx circle on a wall. This created a space-saving alternative to the circle – the GYMwall.

Since the development of the first fle-xx prototype in 2012, Berthold Mayer has built more than 9,000 fle-xx devices. The portfolio of GYMwood has been constantly expanded, for example by the GYMtower, a variable and modular training tower with different plug-in modules.

Since 2023, GYMwood presents its innovative innovations with the combination of high-quality and natural wood training equipment and modern 13. 3 inch touchscreen monitors. The GYM-e-Wall and the GYM-e5.

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